Bridging the cultural gap.

Bridging the Gap between the English speaking world and our home in France has become a big part of what we do at U&Eye. The difference in process, terminology and simply approach are undeniable but not insurmountable.

The tremendous wealth of artistic talent in France is becoming increasingly well known but in order to really get the most potential out of a multinational Co-production there needs to be a respect and understanding of the cultural challenges that lay in wait. Not to mention technical knowledge of how to set up a pipeline that will make things possible and avoid sinking the ship.

France has a mature and well rounded animation industry that has more to offer than simple financial support or cheaper labour. Thanks to the country's unique support for its artistic voice and it's tremendous network of schools, its here that you can find that "je ne sais quoi" to take your content to the next level.



Project Dev and Presentation

Developing a project can be long and difficult. Over the years we have learnt some handy tools for choosing a project and building the right Development process around it.

One of those tools is the art of the presentation.

Whether YOU are presenting for an internal team or externally for a potential client, U&Eye can help you put your best foot forward.

Most creative people would rather be behind the screen than in front of it. This also applies to producers who often have a grasp of the deal structure but not how to set up and deliver a gag or an important structural piece of the puzzle.

We believe that these presentations help set the tone of all the relationships during a production and their success or failure has a huge impact on trust levels moving forward.

Visual Storytelling

Animation is a visual medium and the stories we tell are what gives our designs and visual choices meaning. The process of combining the written structure of text and the free flowing caricature of a storyboard is a marriage that is often prone to conflict and misunderstanding. We at U&Eye can help you and your team refine the characters and stories you want to tell through an iterative pitch process involving both Writers and Directors.

This will be the foundation of the whole production and set the cap for all creative decisions - right through to post production. After all everything serves the story.

What can we do for you?

Whether you are a network Executive, an established artist or emerging creative talent - together we can find your unique voice and give life to that which you have only imagined.

Why? Because stories have always been part of our culture and that of human beings for that matter, so lets tell yours together.

Your story can help creatives develop shows or Films that find your audience, a show to find its home or just help your ideas find there way onto the page in a way that is accessible to other human beings.

U&Eye have stories to tell, so why not yours?



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